Using AI and ML to solve real agriculture problems.

intelliSCOUT® was developed using CAMP3’s heterogeneous machine learning algorithm, known as its CORE. The platform was created for farmers and agronomists to help gather data crop production in real-time. Through any smartphone camera or even hands-free on Google Glass, the application allows you to detect plant diseases, insects, environmental damages, or even count kernels on an ear of corn in seconds. The digital phenotyping continues to get smarter with use, with more than 90% accuracy rate.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen we’ve seen an increase in Farm Management Systems (FMS) for recording data from the field, but none of it is being properly cataloged and metadata-tagged for classification purposes.

With the lack of properly classified crop data intelliSCOUT® was developed using CAMP3’s CORE heterogeneous machine learning algorithm. Our vision is that actionable insights from the field via people, machines, drones, and sensors will log activity into a centralized neural network utilizing machine learning to deliver results and predictive modeling in seconds.


Through the use of artificial intelligence, intelliSCOUT ® takes crop data from the field then fuses and transforms data into actionable high-level information.


intelliSCOUT’s machine learning technology learns how you make choices and over time learns to better anticipate your requirements to provide the most applicable insights.


Gathering and connecting the right information together to provide the best analysis and solutions for the farm to increase crop yields, track pathogens and pest spread, and intelligent pesticide management.